Choosing who to use to capture one of the biggest days of your life is a delicate process. Photographers vary in style, professionalism and price so finding your perfect match takes a little craft and guile. Here's our top tips on finding the perfect wedding photographer to hep you out:            Set the brief. Photographers love a brief and to get the most out of them, it's best to provide them with a schedule of the moments you'd like them to capture. Do you want a photographer at the ceremony? Would you like to shoot the speeches? Are you focusing on the guests, the happy couple or both? Also consider if you will provide the photographer with food,  when are good times for the photographer to take breaks and when do you expect the images back. A schedule with timings and a clear brief will increase your chances of getting the images you've always imagined.  What's your style? Wedding Photography is not just about what you'd like the photographer to shoot but also what type of photography style you'd like on your special day. Do you want a classic style with stunning, sleek and sophisticated images or a photographer who can shoot creative arty images that you'll hang on the walls or perhaps a fun snapper who can get the guests laughing and capture the lighter parts of the day. Have a look at each photographers portfolio before choosing your wedding photographer.  Go Pro. With cameras mounted on every phone, tablet and electronic device imaginable, there are no shortages of amateur photographers taking pictures but not every iPhone enthusiast can take a great shot. A true professional photographer will provide you with stunning images of your wedding day and deliver them to you in high resolution for perfect print quality. Tips to know who's pro are: a well written application/email, a strong portfolio showing experience and testimonials from happy clients.  Set the budget. How much does a wedding photographer cost? The answer depends on 3 things. Firstly, how many hours do you require the photographer's services? The average price for a full day's shoot is between £600 - £1200. The variation on price is due to quality which is number two on our list. A high-end experienced photographer could charge into the thousands but you should be able to secure an excellent wedding photographer for around £1000 for a full day including a copy of all images. Finally, geographical location makes a difference. London based freelancers will generally have a higher day rate.  Lauren Marsh Esra Pozan Xingyu Chai Our Freelance Photographers have years of experience and with our budget option you will receive quotes from some of the best wedding photographers in the UK ensuring you find the perfect snapper for your big day. Receive free Wedding Photographer quotes instantly. Click to get started. 

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