Freelancer Guide 2
Branding For Freelancers

Branding For Freelancers

Learn to brand your freelance business

Freelancer Guide 3
Marketing For Freelancers

Marketing For Freelancers

Social Media, email, offline and digital marketing.

Freelancer Guide 4
Making Sales

Making Sales

Learn how to land paid jobs as a freelancer

Freelancer Guide 5
Freelancer Tips

Freelancer Tips

Essential tips from experts who've made it.


Ethical Hiring Infographic

Results from our ethical hiring survey.

Issue One

LANCE Issue One

Freelancer Club Members Magazine.

Land More Jobs
Pitch For Work Like A Pro

Ultimate Pitching Guide

Freelance Writers, Journalists & Content Creators

Fair payment, diversity and inclusion

Ethical Hiring Guide

What is Ethical Hiring and why it matters?

Ethical Internal Hiring Process

Ethically Source A Freelance Team

Develop a freelance strategy in an ethical way.

Brand Values, Communication and Company Culture in a Remote Team

Values, Communications & Company Culture

How to onboard freelancers into company culture.

Freelancer Guide to Coronavirus

Guide to Coronavirus

Essential information to assist during the coronavirus.

Creative Agency Guide

Creative Agency Guide

Finding an agency that best suits your skills.

PR Fashion Agencies
Accepting Submissions

PR Fashion Agencies

How to Apply to PRs in the run up to LFW


Magazine Submissions

A list of magazines that accept submissions.

Get Paid
After The Due Date

Get Paid After The Due Date

Follow these 5 steps to get paid after the due date has past on your invoice.

Prepare for
a Legal Case

Prepare for a Legal Case

A complete checklist to follow when preparing a legal case for court against an unpaid invoice.

Small Claims

Small Claims Court

How to start a claim in Small Claims Court, the fees and processes of getting paid.

Template Letters
to Get Paid

Template Letters to Get Paid

3 template letters to send to clients from light to servere.

How to set up and register a business
Set up a Freelance Business

Set up a Freelance Business

How to setup and register a business. A practical guides breaking down the differences between a Sole Trader and Ltd company.

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