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It's private


Live Island

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Admin: Adewale Aladesuru


All about LI


Hair Chat

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Admin: Adewale Aladesuru


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Hair Stylist


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Admin: Lucy Goodman


This is a community for all the musicians or music lovers on Freelancer Club


Headphone Chat

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Admin: David Smith


Al things sound


Tax, Accounting And Finances

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All things money related, including advice on filing your self-assessment form to best accountancy practices.


Shoot Locations UK

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Admin: John Murphy


A Community for professionals to post locations we can use for photo shoots. Whether it is a location or a studio, we want to know about it! UK locations only. If you are a Creative Director, Photographer, Model, Make Up Artist, Stylist etc.. be sure to join!

United Kingdom


Makeup In Manchester

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Admin: Cindy Hope


A community for makeup artists living in the Manchester area to talk about all things makeup and connect with others.

Manchester, UK

Makeup Artist

Portfolio Feedback

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Admin: Harriette Hill


A community for freelancers to receive constructive criticism about their work. Share images, videos, designs, writing etc... for the community to review and provide feedback.



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